HotCam New York has been rebranded as Procam New York, following the latter’s purchase of the US hire facility in March.

The company is also broadening the range of kit available in the US with £800,000 of investment in new equipment including Sony FS7s, Arri Alexa Minis and prime lenses.

It follows Procam’s £400,000 investment earlier this month in in new cameras and lenses as part of an expansion of its digital cinematography offering.

Meanwhile, Sean Smith (pictured) has been promoted from VP of operations to the newly create role of VP customer relations of the New York division.

Former Procam employee Mark Schwietering has been recruited as his replacement from AbelCine in Los Angeles. Schwietering was previously bookings manager at Procam in the UK. 

“We want our US client base to enjoy the same levels of service and expertise through Procam New York that the company is renowned for delivering across the UK,” said Procam chief executive John Brennan.

“Since opening in March, we’ve expanded and refocussed Procam New York’s range of services to mirror that of our UK offices. This includes kit and crew rental, project management, workflow consultancy, expert advice, training and 24-hour support.

“As well as servicing US clients, we support UK clients shooting in the US by offering a seamless experience when booking cameras and crew in the US, accompanied by our renowned product expertise.”

Procam acquired Hot Cam New York in March.