and Manchester special effects company Red Vision Vfx are partnering on a new post-production product placement service. 

Brandirector ReVision will allow producers to change labels or physical products within a programme, film or online video app to make it relevant to a particular audience.

Steve Read, the managing director of said: “With the imminent opening of the new paid product placement market across Europe producers and broadcasters need to maximise how brands appear within their programmes.

“We are extremely excited for the possibilities that Brandirector ReVision opens up in many types of content. The more you think about the applications of this technology, the more ideas you get.”

The two companies gave the example of a billboard for a Vauxhall car that could be changed in post-production to be an Opel in Europe, or a Holden for the Australian market.

Red Vision Vfx chief executive Dave Mousley said: ” We have always been keen to pioneer new techniques and innovative applications in Cgi and Visual Effects. Applying these skills and technologies to digital product placement is a logical step for us.”