The network of US sports leagues will use Blackbird for editing and publishing content to its website, social channels and broadcast partners

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Athletes Unlimited is using cloud video editing platform Blackbird to provide scalable video editing of its sports content.

Using Blackbird, which works through a web browser, Athletes Unlimited – the network of US sports leagues covering softball, volleyball and lacrosse – has instant access to live and existing content for speedy editing and publishing to the Athletes Unlimited website, social channels and broadcast partners.

Athletes Unlimited provides sports fans with live games and a broad library of content around different players.

Blackbird will enable remote production of Athletes Unlimited events, removing the need to travel to a facility or event, as well as transporting material back and forth from multiple local storage environments.

Blackbird will be deployed within Athletes Unlimited’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Athletes Unlimited CEO and co-Founder, Jon Patricof, said: “We are thrilled to engage Blackbird and their suite of world-class editing and video collaboration tools that will enhance our digital storytelling during our softball, volleyball and lacrosse leagues.”

Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough, added: “It’s fantastic to be rolling Blackbird out to another US sports client. Athletes Unlimited will use Blackbird, the world’s most advanced cloud editing platform, on a wide variety of sports in broadcast and digital workflows both live and file based. We are delighted to be a part of the monetisation and scaling of their sports leagues.”