A revealing discussion with Sunil Patel and Bethan Evans of Whisper, recorded at the Broadcast Sport Content Summit at Dock10 Studios

Broadcast Sport podcast - Whisper

This is a ‘fireside chat’ with Sunil Patel, co-founder of Whisper, and Whisper’s director of production, Bethan Evans.

They talk about the history of the company, its place in the sports production market, its ownership and earlier funding from the Channel 4 Growth Fund before receiving investment from Sony.

The company is just 11 years old but is already the trusted production outfit behind flagship sporting events including The Paralympics, the F1 (for Channel 4), and cricket coverage for the BBC.


It also has excelled at appointing women to key positions within the company and ensuring diversity in its workforce. Evans and Patel talk about their roles at Whisper, and what the key focus and key projects are for the company in 2022.

The conversation was chaired by Broadcast Sport editor Jake Bickerton and was recorded at the Broadcast Sport Content Summit, held at Dock10 Studios, Salford in March 2022.