System will aim to automate ingest, management and monetization of content

AI image Ateliere

Ateliere is developing an end-to-end GenAI powered media supply chain.

It aims to automate ingest, management and monetization of content. Ateliere has established an AI Advisory Council, comprising of entities from the global media, telecommunications and entertainment sectors, which will provide input on new market opportunities and how to use GenAI, “to bring order to chaos”.

The council will conduct qualitative research, engage in open dialogue and actively listen to clients’ pain points, which will feed into the product. 

The plan is for the platform to be driven by continuously learning engines, which will expand on the current use of its AI-powered deduplication tech FrameDNA in the Ateliere cloud platform as part of a holistic approach which hopes to stop users from having to use multiple AI tools on separate sections of the process.

Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere, said: “By truly understanding our customers’ needs, offering genuinely innovative and valuable solutions unavailable elsewhere, and building a culture of differentiation we can achieve the ultimate goal: becoming a trusted partner, a valued advisor and an essential component in our customers’ success.

“Through understanding our customers’ true ‘why,’ we can identify opportunities where our offerings can transcend mere functionality and become drivers of their success.”