Platform combines EST, VOD and physical data

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The Official Charts Company has launched a digital film data tool to measure digital movie consumption.

Available now, the service combines EST, VOD and physical data collected directly from physical and digital retailers - claiming 95% market coverage and faster data than any other international data service.

While the EST and VOD data has previously been available in report form, the new portal allows users to access and build their own bespoke reports, combining digital and physical data at a granular level on the same report for the first time. As well as title-by-title views, the portal also offers market statistics and market shares across physical and digital.

The portal also offers title-by-title data on UK SVOD availability (spanning 14 SVOD platforms) and theatrical box office data (sourced from BB Media and Comscore respectively). It has been built from scratch using the existing Official Charts online platform as its foundation, which means it offers more than 20,000 published charts dating back to 1994 – and access to data on 3.58bn video transactions, including 139m movie downloads, 152m VOD rentals and 3.29bn physical sales.

Official Charts’ CEO, Martin Talbot, said: “We are delighted to be unveiling this brand-new portal for our clients across the entertainment sector, which we believe represents a step-change in the availability of film and TV home entertainment data. By bringing our own marketing leading DVD, Blu-Ray, EST and VOD consumption data together with additional data on theatrical box office and SVOD availability, the Official Charts Online offers a unique ability to analyse the fast evolving film and TV home entertainment sector. And this is just the beginning – we are committed to improving the service ongoing wherever we can over the coming years, based on market feedback.”