Director of development and content, Comedy Central.

What’s your most recent commission and why?
Threesome series 2. Following the success of series 1, I’m with the fans of the show – I want to find out what happens next.

How quickly do you aim to respond to an idea?
Normally around a fortnight at most.

What would you like more of?
New writers with original voices who work in the mainstream.

What’s a definite no for you?
Anything surreal or set in space. We’re keeping it real.

Who has final sign-off?
Jill Offman, MD.

What’s your riskiest commission and why?
We’re in the early stages of developing a new live comedy show in-house for the more ‘alternative’ comedians.

What’s your top pitching tip for producers?
Watch the channel – at the very least have a look at the bloody website – and really think about how your show could sit on there.

What do you wish you’d commissioned?
The Inbetweeners.

Best line you’ve heard in a pitch?
“If you commission it, we’ll take you with us to Hawaii.”

Inspired by?
My nearly two-year-old son. He thinks sneezing is hysterical, so I’m learning to be a bit less particular in my tastes.

Bored by?
Reality shows. Lazy.