Two of Scotland’s largest independent post-production facilities have formed a new joint company after working together on a BBC3 drama series.

The new company, Serious Savalas, combines the picture post skills of Serious Facilities with the audio dubbing capabilities of Savalas Sound.

The two companies, both based in Film City in Glasgow, had collaborated previously but joined forces in earnest last year to post produce Personal Affairs, which is currently airing on BBC3.

Following the success of working together, it was decided that a more formal arrangement would benefit both companies and also their clients.

“The alliance means we can get involved earlier in a production which will allow us to do that little bit extra. We should have done this a long time ago,” said joint managing director Kahl Henderson.

Fellow joint-managing director Simon Cull said he hoped combining the two companies would help to streamline the post process and assist with staff development and training, because employees will work across both facilities.

Serious Savalas is providing offline and online editing, grading, 3D, VFX and audio post for TV, film and commercials. All of the two companies’ 18 employees have been retained.