Root6 Technology has sold a second ContentAgent repurposing platform to ITFC.

It will be used to do transcoding for a new - thus-far confidential - digital service planned for next year.

“ITFC will be rolling out a new digital service for our clients and ContentAgent will complement this activity in a hugely beneficial way,” said director of video operations David Willis.

“We are already able to offer a vast array of facilities and the purchase of a second ContentAgent will greatly increase our capacity and hence our productivity.

“We've been familiar with ContentAgent for quite a while. The system has moved on and in our opinion now offers the most comprehensive transcoding solution with an extremely easy to use interface. This is very useful and works well with our own data workflow.”

ContentAgent automates the capture, transcoding and distribution of digital media files, including internal division by email and uploading to secure ftp sites, making incoming digital and tape footage available in suitable post-production formats.

One of the system features said to be particularly advantageous to ITFC is the provision of multiple watch folders into which files that need prescribed workflows may be dropped.

ContentAgent examines the Watch folders regularly before executing the specific workflow.

ITFC, part of the Elektrofilm Group. provides post-production and subtitling, audio description and signing services to broadcasters, film companies and corporates.