Sky has been given a major boost in its quest to launch a 3D channel with the announcement that TV sets from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers will be compatible with its planned service.

‘3D Ready’ TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony due to be released this year will all be able to show 3D content broadcast by Sky to its existing Sky+ HD set-top boxes.

Details are due to be revealed formally at the CES technology show this week.

Brian Lenz, Sky’s director of product design and TV product development, said: “This is a great example of Sky and TV manufacturers taking the initiative to ensure there is no confusion over formats.  By working together with set manufacturers, we want to provide a hassle free way for consumers to enjoy 3D TV.”  

Sky’s 3D service will offer a variety of 3D programming which is expected to include movies, arts, entertainment and sport. 

The service will be broadcast across Sky’s existing HD infrastructure. Both high definition and 3D services will be viewable from the same display.   

Sony Corporation’s Yoshihisa Ishida said: “We are excited to have Sky’s 3D TV service available for users of 3D compatible Bravia LCD TVs in UK and in Ireland.  To grow the 3D home entertainment market it’s imperative that the industry offers consumers as much attractive 3D content as possible.”  

3D services are also being lined up across the world from the likes of ESPN, Discovery and DirecTV.