Sky has confirmed that content for its planned 3D TV channel will be captured using camera rigs and image processors from 3ality Digital.

As reported by Broadcast in November (Broadcast 27.11.09) the rigs will be used with a dedicated 3D OB unit - operated by Telegenic - for sport, entertainment and music programming.

Sky’s 3D TV service will be broadcast across its existing HD infrastructure and be available via the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes.  

Sky director of product design and TV product development Brian Lenz said: “Utilizing 3ality Digital’s technology and equipment will be a key component in providing our customers with a cutting edge entertainment experience.”

3ality Digital technology powered the first live 3D broadcast of an NFL game in the US and the first live 3D sports broadcast available to consumers.

3ality Digital, LLC chief executive Sandy Climan said: “Our state-of-the-art automation processes and the full metadata capture built into our camera platforms will ensure Sky 3D programming is compelling, immersive and dynamic.”

3ality Digital’s automated 3flex camera rigs are manufactured to aerospace-level precision and use artificial intelligence to sense the environment around them.

3ality also makes software controllers and a Stereo Image Processing System.

The rigs feature semi-automatic setup and alignment, as well as full 3D metadata output.