BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) has agreed to Bectu’s request to re-offer an original transitional payments proposal for EastEnders staff working in Elstree.

The union announced on Wednesday (18 August) that it had decided to call off a second strike and that it was to resume talks with management.

However, an S&PP spokesperson told Broadcast that “there are no further talks planned” and that Bectu has requested that the wholly-owned subsidiary re-offers an original transitional payments proposal.

The transitional payment is a one off payment of £650 paid that will be to 20 people. 

At the time Helen Ryan, Bectu supervisory official, said: “S&PP management have agreed to [a lump sum payment for staff who lose money due to the change in base from Television Centre to Elstree] and we are therefore suspending all industrial action with immediate effect to enable us to consult our members on the offer.”

A statement from S&PP read: “On Tuesday 17th August Bectu asked BBC S&PP if it would be willing to reoffer its original transitional payment previously rejected by Bectu. S&PP agreed provided Bectu suspends all the planned industrial action. Bectu agreed on 18th August and will be running a consultative ballot and recommending the proposal.”

At the same time S&PP claims that Bectu has indicated that future industrial action may also include “working to terms and conditions”.

S&PP ascertains that it has made it clear to the union that if this falls short of the terms and conditions covered by unpredictable working payments, these payments would be suspended.

S&PP chief executive Mark Thomas said: “We are pleased that Bectu have requested that we reoffer our original transitional payments proposal, which they rejected during the negotiations. We are willing to do this provide the industrial action is called off. Bectu have suspended all planned industrial action while they consult with their members.”

Bectu took industrial action on 12 August. It was supported by three of the 18 BBC S&PP staff scheduled to work that day.

The BBC says that EastEnders was unaffected and completed on time.