SumCreative has provided more than 200 visual effects shots for the new CBBC sitcom Jinx which started this week.


The majority of shots involved the appearance and disappearance of a character called Cookie who flies around creating mayhem with magic recipes.

Other effects included turning various characters invisible and into biscuits, rats and zombies.

Paul Peppiate and Lynn Tydsey from SumCreative, the design and effects department at Manchester post facility Sumners, supervised on-set shots and directed blue screen sessions featuring a specially constructed flying rig.

The HD shots were keyed and composited in Avid DS Nitris and After Effects with additional effects combining Cinema 4D and Lightwave CGI elements.

Peppiate said: “The effects team were part of the process from start to finish attending script meetings, planning and rehearsals which enabled us to add creativity and manage the huge logistical effort required of a small team.”

Jinx is a Kindle Entertainment production for CBBC.