Influencer chats, polls, quizzes, and more will now be available in Deltatre’s DIVA OTT platform.

Deltatre LiveLike

Deltatre and LiveLike have partnered to enhance fan engagement on the former’s OTT platform, DIVA.

The partnership focuses on influencer engagement and interactive features, and bring four new tools to the video player - which is largely aimed at sporting bodies and broadcasters. The announcement comes shortly after Deltatre was chosen to redesign the Tennis Channel’s digital offering.

Influencer Chat gives fans direct access to influencers who can comment and engage on live content in real time, Sentiment Analysis gauges how fans are feeling about a particular moment that happens during the event, Polls aims to pique the audience’s interest and encourage engagement by asking questions around the live action, and Gamification can test your audience’s trivia knowledge with quizzes and other features that add friendly competition to the viewing experience.

These will add to the current offering from DIVA, which brings social media integration, full DVR with visual timeline, 360° Video Support, multi-camera viewing, and more.

Gilles Mas, president, video experience, Deltatre, said: “The modern fan craves greater interactivity and control over their viewing experience that brings them closer to the action – and that’s what this new functionality delivers, while building on Deltatre’s trusted and valued offering. The evolution of our collaboration with LiveLike is further evidence of our shared ambition to deliver revolutionary technologies to our clients around the world.”

Miheer Walavalkar, CEO and co-founder, LiveLike, added: “Our working relationship with Deltatre has gone from strength to strength, with our shared expertise and integrated offering elevating the way fans can connect with the sports they love. This is a great opportunity for LiveLike to add its unique functionality to a solution that is already very highly regarded and widely used in the marketplace.”