Cameras will be embedded in the team technical areas

LaLiga stadium football crowd 2

LaLiga has revealed a range of new camera angles that will be used during the 2023/24 season.

This includes some that were tested at the end of last season, and are now being implemented full time. As a whole, each match will have a minimum of 18 cameras, which will rise to 32 for certain fixtures, with the aim of bringing its experience as close as possible to that of its sponsor - the video game EA Sports FC.

The new cameras and angles include cinematic cameras situated in new locations “much closer to the players”, new drones with better image quality, an aerial camera that is positioned lower than the current one to show penalties and fouls from the players’ points of view, and cameras on the team benches to see player reactions and how the players watch their teammates.

As a result of this, there will be firsts such as Granada’s having an aerial camera at the Nuevo Estadio Los Carmenes, and the Estadio Lluis Companys having its cameras adapted to fit LaLiga’s requirements while Barcelona plays there during the Camp Nou’s redevelopment.