QuickFlip uses AI to turn horizontal video into a vertical shot

Quidich - QuickFlip

Quidich Innovation Labs has launched a new product, QuickFlip, which will be used at the T20 Cricket World Cup.

QuickFlip uses AI to automate the process of turning a horizontal video into vertical content, without the need to capture in vertical on the ground. It can adapt to different aspect ratios used by various social media platforms, for example 9:14 or 1:1, and turn 16:9 content into these formats. 

The ICC experimented by producing all games at the 50 over Cricket World Cup last year in a vertical feed, without QuickFlip, and this time round Quidich’s tech will be used by Disney+ Hotstar to power its Maxview feature for all fixtures at the 2024 T20 Cricket World Cup.

QuickFlip has been optimised for cricket, and supports both traditional SDI and modern cloud-based streaming while fitting into traditional broadcast workflows.