Mobile phone app handles camera tracking, and can connect to Pixotope Graphics

Pixotope Pocket (2)

Pixotope has made its Pixotope Pocket mobile app commercially available.

The app, which had earlier been launched as an educational tool, handles camera tracking by combining device motion tracking, camera scene capture, and advanced scene processing. The video and tracking data are then transmitted via SRT stream through a local network to the local machine that has Pixotope Graphics installed. 

Pixotope Pocket is currently available on iOS, and plans to expand to Android devices. Users also need , a PC with Windows system and Pixotope Graphics license.

David Dowling, Pixotope’s chief revenue officer, said: “Pixotope Pocket is maturing beyond its initial educational focus, transforming into a powerful tool for all content creators. This accessible solution empowers creatives to explore and test virtual environments with ease, ultimately enhancing pre-production efficiency and streamlining the overall virtual production process. By leveraging Pixotope Pocket, creators are no longer confined to studios; they have the freedom to work from anywhere with minimal equipment.”

He added: “We aim to democratize this powerful technology by placing it in the hands of creatives. We envision camera operators unlocking the potential of AR visualization and social media content creators pushing the boundaries of storytelling. We’re excited to see how these professionals will leverage the technology to shape the future of virtual production.”