The company acts as a partner to hire, sales, and production companies, providing technical assistance, logistics, and personnel support

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Triangle Facilities Hub has opened at The Sharp Project, Manchester, to provide support to camera and kit hire companies and production companies.

The company has been setup by Jess and Alain Lolliot (pictured above), who together have worked in digital equipment hire for more than 15 years, with the last nine years spent working together in Manchester.

The aim of Triangle Facilities Hub is for the couple to share their knowledge and experiences to tackle the challenges involved in hiring and using digital equipment for making film and TV productions.

Jess Lolliot said: “We act as a supporting partner to hire, sales, and production companies, as well as freelancers, manufacturers, and education providers. Our comprehensive support includes technical assistance, logistics, and personnel support, ensuring a seamless experience for anyone providing or using digital equipment.”

Its services for hire companies include support, technical assistance, remote support, demos, shared inter-city logistics, local deliveries, a manchester office space, and “technicians on tap”.

For production companies, Triangle’s services include setting up systems and reviews of a production company’s in-house equipment, offering unbiased advice and support, as well as training and demonstrations.

The company also offers kit training, technical masterclasses, equipment demonstrations and workshops for schools, universities and individuals.