Telegenic is aiming to become Europe’s first 4K-capable outside broadcaster when its latest super truck hits the road next year.

“We have just commissioned a new vehicle with all the necessary infrastructure to support 4K, which we believe will be a format for live cinema events and domestic TV once compression formats become more effi cient,” said Telegenic commercial manager Eamonn Curtin.

The £4-5m, multi-camera 3G unit is scheduled to be completed next May, but whether it will be outfitted with full 4K capability at that time is dependent on product development.

“We are in discussions with major manufacturers regarding the new 4K cameras and resulting signal fl ow, with a view to forming strategic partnerships,” said Curtin.

“The industry is moving towards higher-resolutions and it’s our job to stay ahead of the game.”

Telegenic commissioned the world’s fi rst bespoke 3D truck, T18, in 2009 and has since designed and built three further 3D/3G-capable units, primarily for Sky 3D contracts, including more than 100 EPL matches.

The other major UK outside broadcast supplier to have declared interest in 4K tests and investments is Visions, which is also contracted by Sky for EPL coverage.

As revealed by Broadcast, Sky is testing the 4K technologies as a prelude to a possible future launch of an Ultra-HD service.