The occasionally disturbing thing about having the music system on random play is that you get quite an eclectic menu.

One minute the contemplative andante section of a concerto is soothing the creative brow, the next it’s Spandau Ballet and all your fuddled brain can think about is blousy shirts and why anybody bought an album by a band called A Flock of Seagulls.

Similarly, this week’s TV menu is a smorgasbord of goings-on, taking in the return of a melancholy copper, our health, fictional wealth and crazy Geordies.

ITV1: Endeavour

On Sunday 14 April, following the New Year’s Day 2012 pilot, ITV’s new series of four Endeavour episodes began. A live rating of 6.2 million/24% was boosted by more than 1.3 million via the PVR to deliver a final rating of 7.4 million/ 26%; just enough, in volume terms, to pip BBC1’s Doctor Who (7.4 million/31%) to the second best non-soap drama of the week after ITV’s unstoppable Broadchurch (9 million/30%). More than half (3.9 million) of Endeavour’s final audience were ABC1s, after 800,000-plus of them pressed record.

Channel 4: 24 Hours In A&E

Channel 4’s returning 24 Hours In A&E might be benefiting from brilliant timing as the NHS is in the spotlight more than ever before. The first episode of this new run on 10 April at 9pm achieved 3.9 million/14% after 460,000 recorded and watched. That’s the best for the programme so far.

Channel 5: Dallas

Channel 5’s Texan soap Dallas began last autumn with significant trumpeting and decent numbers (3.8 million/15% on 5 September 2012). Series two, however, was greeted with a more strangled tooting and after two weeks at 9pm (1.4 million/5% on 29 January the best of the duo) it was rather rudely dumped to 11pm.

Live ratings are pretty low, as could be expected, but there remains a loyal audience that boost it to more than 1 million each time with recording. The latest consolidated episode on 9 April is the best 11pm showing so far, with 1.2 million/10% after more than 770,000 watched and recorded. Depending on its price tag and projected ROI, that’s a decent number in the 11pm time slot.

MTV: Geordie Shore

MTV UK’s Geordie Shore is going from strength to strength. On 9 April at 10pm, the scripted-reality show’s live rating of 608,000/4% was boosted by more than 460,000 of recording to 1.1 million/5%; the best ever for the show and the channel.