The legendary team of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were halfway to the moon some 50 years ago today. 

After an eight-day journey, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission became the first spaceflight to land on the moon. The iconic photos of Aldrin and Armstrong placing the American flag on the moon are known worldwide and this year programme makers have gone all out to celebrate one of America’s greatest achievements.

On both sides of the Atlantic, July’s schedules have been jam-packed with anniversary programming to commemorate the mission. There’s a diverse range of shows, from a special BBC Proms to a live event series from NASA and plenty of archival footage and interviews with the original team who made the mission happen.


Moonshot Wales, 1x30 (BBC Cymru Wales) 16th July

Stargazing: Moon Landing Special, 1x90 (BBC Two) 15th July

Chasing the Moon, 6x60 (BBC Four and PBS) 16th July

Apollo Mission to the Moon, 1x120 (National Geographic) 7th July

The Day We Walked on the Moon, 1x60 (ITV and Smithsonian) 16th July

Moon Landing Live, 1x60 (Channel 4) 13th July

8 Days: To The Moon and Back, 1x90 (BBC Two and PBS) 10th July

The Sky at Night Special: The Moon, The Mission and the BBC, 1x60 (BBC Four) 14th July

The Clangers: The Visitor, (Cebeebies) 20th July

The First Night of the Proms 2019, (BBC Four) 19th July

Blue Peter: We Have Lift Off!, 1x30 (CBBC) 18th July

Tudur Owen: O Fôn i’r Lleuad, 1x90 (S4C) 16th July


Confessions from Space: Apollo, 1x60 (Discovery Channel) 20th July

Nasa’s Giant Leaps: Past and Future - Celebrating Apollo 50th as We Go Forward to the Moon, 1x120 (Science Channel) 19th July

Moon Landings: The Lost Tapes, 1x60 (History Channel) 14th July

Apollo: The Forgotten Films, 1x60 (Discovery Channel) 20th July

Truth Behind the Moon Landing, 6x60 (Science Channel) 2nd June

Apollo’s Moon Shot, 6x60 (Smithsonian Channel) 5th July