'... as purely spectacular as television is ever likely to get.' Read on for the critics' full verdict on the weekend's TV.

Wild China, BBC2
“Does China deserve such a PR job? Does a truth-seeking, pro-democracy outfit like the BBC have any business making it?”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Wild China, BBC2
“Wild China is about as purely spectacular as television is ever likely to get.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

The South Bank Show: Gore Vidal, ITV1
“It was a good piece of theatre.”
William Leith, The Guardian

Match of the Day Live: FA Cup Final, BBC1
“It was a good match. I just wish it had felt like a more important one.”
William Leith, The Guardian

Mad Men, BBC4
“Is my sense of nostalgia being manipulated? I don't care. I love it.”
William Leith, The Guardian

Doctor Who, BBC1
“The plot really needed to breathe more than Doctor Who's 45 minutes allowed.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

Love Soup, BBC1
“I don't believe any of its specifics, but, generally, Love Soup is on to something.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

The Comedy Map of Britain, BBC2
“... it's even better than I thought it was.”
James Walton, Daily Telegraph