“This was an extraordinary film. Perhaps the police will do something about its findings.”

Interview With A Murderer

Interview with a Murderer, Channel 4

“David Howard and Rik Hall’s documentary contained more than the interview of the year. If this compelling programme were trial by television, it was Bert Spencer who in his arrogance had chosen to leap into the dock.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“Through careful re-examination of the evidence and friendly but dogged interrogation, David Wilson cumulatively demolished the line that Spencer has stuck to for 38 years. This was an extraordinary film. Perhaps the police will do something about its findings.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

Escape To The Chateau, Channel 4

“The real attraction of Escape To The Chateau is not the gothic building, but the couple who bought the dream. Dick and Angel are likeably eccentric, lovey-dovey one moment and bickering the next.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Documentaries about restoration projects ought to be like watching paint dry. And yet it’s addictive because in most viewers lurks a fantasy that it could be them doing up a battered oasthouse or a clapped-out manor. This is perfectly cast fantasy television full of innocent charm but also inspiringly practical. Moving in both senses.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

City in the Sky, BBC2

“And you thought you knew pretty much everything there was to know about the business of going from A to B in an aeroplane. Who would have thought there could be a fascinating, fresh, three-part documentary in it? But Dallas and Hannah have dug one out. They’re good, just the right mix of fan and geek, wow and this-is-how.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“This juvenile, cheapskate series has become something of a shamefaced treat for me. It’s coarse, it’s rigged and, with its fixation on YouTube videos and Twitter debates, it is certainly not aimed at my age group. I know it’s rubbish, but it makes me laugh.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Mum, BBC2

“Friday’s sitcom Mum is the antidote to one-liner comedies. Cathy’s son and daughter-in-law laugh at every inanity, bereavement included, but especially sexual vulgarity. It is as if the writer, Stefan Golaszewski, is blaming the dumbing down of our culture on comedy trends themselves.”
Andrew Billen, The Times