“This close-up look at spider behaviour was deeply disturbing.”


“At 90 minutes, Spider House is way too long, and its central conceit – filling a disused mansion with spiders, going through their special skills room-by-room, then forcing Dr Alice to spend a Blair Witch-style night in there alone with them – is a little overcooked.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“It’s just hard to see what she (Alice Roberts) was doing here, given that any one of the actual experts on the programme could have presented it just fine.”
Catherine Nixey, The Times

“After a rather long 90 minutes of spidery endeavour, I tuned out with a tremendous respect for the little blighters. And an even larger respect for host Dr Alice Roberts, who spent an evening in a pitch-black house filled, quite literally, to the rafters with them.”
Will Dean, The Independent

“This close-up look at spider behaviour was deeply disturbing.”
Anna Leszkiewicz, The Telegraph

“For those blissfully free of phobias, however, this one-off programme offered a rare chance to learn about the long-leggedy beasties close up.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“The Apprentice is funny when the contestants are being serious. This week, the contestants were trying to be funny, with the inevitable result that it wasn’t funny at all.”
Michael Deacon, The Telegraph

How To Get Away With Murder, Universal

“Though there’s a legal setting here, it’s more of the same, in that it has the confidence of a blockbuster, barely pauses for breath and is watchable in the extreme.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian