“Even in the hands of someone as likeable and funny as Miriam, the show suffered from fat-programming fatigue”

Miriam's Big Fat Adventure

Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure, BBC2

“Margolyes, all doe eyes and disarming questions, did the usual round of experts, body positivists and fat camps, one woman donning an unconvincing fat suit as per the law of documentary padding. Yet this was same old, same old. Obesity is the hot potato of factual television.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“The programme suffered from the same problem faced by Kathy Burke’s similar series All Woman last year. Both squandered the gift of having a warm, intelligent and unusually direct presenter by never really pulling it all together into any kind of overarching critique. We teleported between ideas without ever tracing the possible routes between them.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“The show wasn’t very focused – the question of whether everyone who over-eats has psychological problems, or whether some people just love food or are predisposed to weight gain, was never explored. But who wants a focused Margolyes documentary? Just sit back and enjoy it.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“One of Margolyes’s great strengths as a presenter is that, for all her larger-than-life attitude, she is actually an empathetic listener, one who is genuinely interested in what people have to say. Whether speaking sensitively to a 30-year-old binge eater about her issues with anxiety or trying to understand the body positive movement, Margolyes was always keen to learn from others.”
Sarah Hughes, The i

“For all the people she met, it was Miriam’s own experiences with food and body size that provided the most poignant moments. [But] even in the hands of someone as likeable and funny as Miriam, the show suffered from fat-programming fatigue.”
Claudia Connell, The Daily Mail

Liar, ITV

“No one expects a prime-time TV drama to be an exercise in realism, but come on now. The writers have decided to keep the plot moving by lazily piling on the coincidences.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

Inside No 9, BBC2

“The pair’s restlessly inventive anthology series has already been commissioned for two further runs. This bravura finale demonstrated why. Very few TV shows can say their fifth series is their best but this year’s run of Inside No 9 really has had its highest hit rate yet, with four bona fide classics.”
Michael Hogan, The Telegraph