“Dave Myers’s freshly discovered zest for life was the essential ingredient here”

The Hairy Bikers Go West

“This programme is so welcoming and hopeful that it could warm the heart, and fill the stomach, of the most hardened of misanthropes.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“There was something altogether touching about the way he enthused about the world as if seeing everything through new eyes, from haggis to spring onions, by way of vegan honey and lemon-flavoured tartlets. It was Dave Myers’s freshly discovered zest for life that was the essential ingredient here.”
Gerard Gilbert, The i

“The whole episode turned back the clock to their road trips of the past. The distances were small, pootling around the town of Rothesay and out to the surrounding countryside, where they discovered a truffle farm and a community market garden. Dave was bravely open about his cancer treatment during December’s show, and there was no need this time for footage from his hospital bedside. But he seemed understandably shell-shocked, and earnestly glad to be alive.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Boris Becker: The Rise and Fall is the kind of film that you might say is more interested in his double faults (and we’re not talking about the tennis). Becker doesn’t control the shots here, partly because he doesn’t actually contribute at all. It feels a glaring absence. Still, it indubitably shows one thing: to achieve the pinnacle of sporting glory takes a monomaniacal mindset, and that can be a problem if it carries over into one’s personal life.”
James Jackson, The Times

“The programme suffered from its inability to follow one narrative. We heard about Becker’s first Grand Slam victory, then his sexual shenanigans when his career ended, then his childhood in the German town of Leimen, then his wooing of Sharlely, until the story was a confused blur.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Hot Mess Summer, Amazon Prime Video

“If there is a lazier show than Hot Mess Summer I’ve yet to find it. Rylan Clark is the host, and I love Rylan to death but his charisma can’t save this.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph