LAST CHANCE: Broadcast is calling on all freelancers to help shape the future of training in the TV industry.  

Broadcast’s Freelance Survey, published earlier this year, showed that freelancers have rarely had it so tough. The survey also highlighted a need for more training, with freelancers recognising its role in career development: getting the next job or moving up the ladder.

This latest Training Survey is a genuine, collaborative attempt by all those involved in the TV industry - the BBC; private training providers; Broadcast; the National Film and Television School; Pact; BECTU; and Skillset – to find out more about the training needs of freelancers.

It asks questions about the current state of play but most importantly it is forward-looking and aims to inform training provision in the future.

The survey will answer some critical questions. And only freelancers know those answers.

It asks:

  • what training do you need?
  • how do you want that training delivered, when and by whom?
  • how do you want it funded?

We know surveys can be time consuming (it will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete). But the last Broadcast survey was startling and did make the industry sit up and listen.

Already from that survey all training providers have come together to organise a major breakthrough event for freelancers. Fast Train – A Free Training Day for TV Freelancers will be held at the BBC Academy, White City on 18 May.

It is hoped to attract about 500 freelancers to 200 different training courses/sessions, provided by the very best in the industry. Look out for more details in coming weeks in Broadcast.