Sci-fi drama Primeval has doubled the audience for its new series on Watch following a surge of viewing on PVRs.

The fifth series premiered on the UKTV-owned channel in an 8pm slot on 24 May with overnights of 315,000 (1.38%) – the biggest audience to date on the pay channel.

It marked the first time a new series of Primeval had debuted on Watch, following a co-production deal with ITV1, BBC Worldwide and German broadcaster ProSeiben that resurrected the big budget show.

After consolidation, the final rating for the opening episode was 694,000 (3%).

The second episode remained encouragingly high on 588,000 (2%).

With ratings well over 150,000 for the Friday catch-up episodes so far, this might, depending on the channel’s bill, represent decent value for Watch.

From October last year, Watch’s previous highest consolidated figure for repeated Primeval episodes was 270,000 in November 2010.

The series will be repeated on ITV1 later this year.

Great Scott

New ITV1 detective drama Scott and Bailey launched strongly with the aid of Britain’s Got Talent’s huge inheritance on 29 May in a 9pm slot.

It’s success in its own right however is illustrated by the very healthy recording. More than 1 million viewers watched on playback taking the final figure to 9.4million (33%) - Downton numbers.

Opposition has stiffened since so it may slip back but it’s still a corking start.

Hunky dory

Sky Living reality show The Hunks is putting Newquay on the map and providing some decent ratings.

After a whopping consolidated launch figure of 388,000 (2%) it has steadied to around 200,000 with over 100,000 recording this week’s episode resulting in a rating of 201,000 (1%) on Tuesday 25 May at 10pm - some distance ahead of what that slot generally sees.


It is reasonable to suggest that US drama The Event didn’t quite turn out to be the event everyone on both sides of the pond hoped it would be.

After the winter hiatus, it returned on 14 March with a double bill from 10pm. Overnights delivered a live rating of 770,000 - a big fat ‘yikes’ alert. It consolidated to 1.3m (7%) but that was never going to be enough and it never reached those heights again.

Slowly and quietly it was moved from the subsequent 11pm tx to midnight where it now records just 200,000 to 300,000.

But PVRs are providing an upswing for the sci-fi series, which has since been cancelled after just one season in the US.

The 23 May episode aired at 12.15am with 204,000 (5%) and consolidated up to 758,000 (15%). Despite the hike, it is still not enough and a brave effort has translated into a non-event.

Strong boost for Shadow Line

The Shadow Line, BBC2‘s fantastic nerve jangling, sinew stretching thriller, is gaining the respectability it deserves via the PVR.

A 1.7m (7%) live rating on 26 May was converted to 2.1m (8%) as 500,000 watched on playback.

After the initial launch figure of more than 3m (13%) it slipped back but steadied and a consolidated figure of over 2m (8%) is now the norm.

Doctor Who tops chart

Doctor Who is once again is the most recorded and watched programme of the week and when the latest iPlayer figures are released, it is likely to claim the top slot.

This week more than 1.7m people watched on playback, turning 28 May’s insipid live 5m rating in to a corking 6.7m (30%).

Chelsea following grows

E4‘s Made in Chelsea began well but on 23 May it drew a series high of 812,000 (4%) from a live rating of 536,000 (3%).

It slipped back on Bank Holiday Monday to a consolidated 616,000 (3%) but the latest live figure of over 500,000 on 6 June suggests that was a blip and so we might have to get used to these Chelsea girls and boys knocking about for a little while longer yet.