Server software firm Wowza Media Systems has hit back at claims it infringed Adobe’s copyright, describing the accusations as “unfounded” and “spurious”.

Adobe last week filed a lawsuit alleging that Wowza had engaged in patent infringement and unfair competition practices.

Wowza chief executive and co-founder David Stubenvoll described the lawsuit as ”completely without merit” and said he looked forward to resolving the matter in court.

“Wowza’s position is that it does not infringe on Adobe patents and that we have engaged only in skilful and fair competition with Adobe,” he said.

“For the implementation in question, we disclosed our activities to Adobe more than five years ago and continued to be open and up front with Adobe regarding our activities.

“It is only after five years of Wowza growth, independent technology innovation, and market leadership that Adobe unexpectedly filed this unfounded and spurious lawsuit.”