Controversial X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza is giving ITV more to worry about than falling ratings – Ofcom is investigating three separate incidents that may have breached its code.

Cocozza, who survived again this weekend despite a double elimination that ejected Johnny Robinson and The Risk, is at the centre of two of those investigations currently underway.

The regulator is considering a package broadcast on 22 October, which showed the singer on a night out drinking alcohol, following nearly 30 complaints. The segment could potentially be in breach of Ofcom’s code relating to the glamorisation or misuse of alcohol.

Separately it is also looking into the following night’s broadcast of the results show in which Cocozza exclaimed “fucking have it, get in there” after being put through to the next round.

So far the regulator has received 102 complaints about the bad language.

A third investigation is looking at a production error around a multiple choice competition, where the letters and corresponding answers were mixed up.

An Ofcom spokesman said the outcome would be made known “in due course”, but declined to specify a date, noting that investigations vary on a case by case basis. “It will depend on the complexity of the case,” he added.

ITV declined to comment.  

The commercial broadcaster has recently defended the series against criticism.