Wireless camera specialists Broadcast Sports Inc (BSI) provided a handheld radio camera and a wireless pan/tilt/roll/zoom camera for this week’s Quiksilver Pro France surfing competition.

BSI supplied two RF cameras that could be operated along the beach to maintain coverage of the competition as it moved along the 10km stretch.

The company also deployed its new, waterproof, wireless pan/tilt/roll/zoom (PTRZ camera, pictured below) 1080i HD camera, together with a handheld radio camera.

The set-up had four feeds with point-to-point links and multiplexers that sent back to a master receive point.

The dome-shaped PTRZ has a 10x optical zoom lens in a 210mm x 165mm case.

It pans 360°, tilts through 60°and rolls  +/- 30° and uses COFDM wireless encoding at H.264 MPEG-4 and MPEG 1 Layer II with QPSK and 16QAM modulation.

The surfing competition took place this week and was shown on Eurosport.

BSI PTRZ camera

BSI PTRZ camera