IBC 2014: Sky has upgraded its 4K-capable Mistika grading and finishing suites.

Following the upgrade to boost storage speed and capacity, based around SGO’s SAN, Sky now has additional capacity to host multiple client platforms from its Mistika systems.

As well as localised storage for real time 4K playback, the Mistika systems also integrate directly with Sky’s near-line storage infrastructure, supported by several render nodes.

Sky senior manager of operations for entertainment, creative and R&D Cara Cheeseman said: “With an already well-established and long-standing alliance with SGO, and the fact that they have been very much involved in the future of broadcasting right from the start, it makes sense for us to continue with significant investment in their technology.

“With the newly built designated client area, we have consolidated and upgraded our systems, which also include the addition of 4K grading monitors from Canon. Our Mistika systems serve as our client-focused colour grading and finishing suites.

“Mistika’s open integration, compatibility with other systems and its flexibility, facilitates the process enormously.”

Recent Sky projects to use Mistika include Inside the Mind of Leonardo (pictured).

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