3D technology firm 3ality Digital is developing automated convergence software that it says will help to reduce the cost of shooting 3D content.

Speaking at last week’s BVE in London, chief executive and founder of 3ality Digital Steve Schklair told Broadcast that Auto Cam will maintain consistent depth across cameras, eradicating the need for staff acting as convergence pullers at each 3D camera rig.

“It tackles one of the main issues affecting the broadcast business case,” Schklair said.

“People will still need to set up cameras, but this will cut out the labour related to convergence pulling.”

Based on US network figures of $10,000 (£6,000) for each convergence puller, Auto Cam could save in the region of $50,000 (£30,000) per shoot, he added.

The software may help to address an apparent slowdown in enquiries from broadcasters about shooting in 3D, which Schklair attributed to changes in the way 3D programmes are funded.

“We’re getting fewer calls,” he said. “The last two years were often about experiments and some programmes were financedby R&D budgets.

“Now the format is proven it is out of the hands of the R&D guys and broadcasters have to make sure of the business case.”

Auto Cam is still in development but it is due to be shown in “almost its final form” at broadcast conference and trade show NAB in Las Vegas in April.