Advertorial: Whether it’s digital workflow, HD or 3D, Chello DMC’s facilities in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Budapest have got the technology.

At Chello DMC, we are very pleased to be associated with this years’ Broadcast Technology Survey, which gives an important insight into the trends and challenges faced by the industry, says Chello DMC VP technology, Jon Try.

With three production and playout facilities located across Europe, and the experience of originating more than 100 linear TV channels, we are well aware of the dynamic nature of this industry and the demands placed upon it.

Our channel clients are in a constant push to grow viewing fi gures while there are so many alternative demands on the time and attention of viewers and new ways of watching TV.

In the past 10 years, we’ve seen not only a dramatic increase in the number of linear TV channels but also a large increase in the requirement for VoD content and, most recently, content for ‘connected’ devices.

In addition, the improvements in TVs have led to an increase in consumer demand for HD channels, and even 3D. We’re responding and adapting to these demands, providing the technology, systems and services that enable production of TV content and channels for every purpose.

The survey results show we’re not alone, with almost three-quarters of those who took part saying they work in a predominately HD environment.

Digital workflow is becoming an everyday part of our lives, and rapidly replacing tape. We started taking content digitally in 2006, with around 30 hours a day delivered over the internet.

Since then, there has been a continuous ramp-up and today, 100% of short-form and more than 70% of long-form material for our linear channels is delivered digitally to our Amsterdam facility.

Our workflows have changed considerably as we have embraced digital delivery and the focus is now on automating processing and onward delivery - whether linear, on-demand or mobile.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our channel clients to use and re-use their content in as many ways, and on as many platforms, as they choose.

Having been in the business of supplying VoD content for almost 10 years, this is something we have naturally progressed to.

The response to 3D around the industry is interesting. We were involved in some 3D events last year, showing live sports on one of our channels, but the response was mixed and there’s little appetite for more at the moment.

We know we’re ready but perhaps the viewers are not - just yet. It’s no surprise that the majority of companies are either waiting to see what happens or have already decided not to be involved in 3D.

Another area where we see change is in distribution bof linear channels. Again, the rapid spread of highspeed data connections across Europe means it’s far more likely that new channels will use fibre delivery to a cable or satellite operator.

We are launching four new channels before the end of this year and all will use IP delivery over a data network. Satellite capacity is still important, though - for channels needing a single feed over the whole of Europe - and more cost-effective.

When investing in new technology, we always judge the best time to take the next step. As well as knowing the potential financial return, we recognise the need to take an innovative approach and try out new technologies.

Every company has different drivers and the spread of those who count themselves as new technology enthusiasts, early adopters or pragmatists is about even. We have been in all three camps and tend to judge on a case-by case basis, but the real message is that as an industry, we’re not standing still.

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Fact file

■ Chello DMC is a leader in international broadcast services, providing advanced playout and content management solutions to local and worldwide clients seeking to maximise the value of their content

■ Its state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing end-to-end services for broadcast television media incorporating channel playout, TV distribution and content delivery for new media applications

■ Chello DMC provides full broadcast services to clients out of three facilities, located in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Budapest

■ Chello DMC specialises in multilingual and multiplatform broadcasting, delivering SD, HD and 3D content across 36 countries, in 16 audio languages, 26 subtitled languages, and across three continents

■ Chello DMC delivers the content for more than 50 SD and 10 HD linear TV channels for leading broadcasters including National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Disney, Fox Life, Syfy and History Channel

■ Today, 100% of short-form and more than 70% of long-form material for linear channels is delivered digitally, 30% of which is HD - a figure projected to rise to 40% by the end of the year

■ Chello DMC delivers VoD content across 11 countries and 25 platforms

■ Chello DMC made its first live 3D broadcast in 2010, of the Masters Golf Tournament in the Netherlands and Switzerland

■ Chello DMC has the ability to distribute channels across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa through its own permanently leased capacity on Telstar 12. Through its partnership with RRsat, coverage is expanded to the rest of the world