Air Entertainment Group has completed its first 3D project, co-producing and providing the post for Sky 3D’s Live On Air: Elbow.

The programme, a joint production by Air and HD-3D Music, is the first in a series of 3D music shows the companies are planning.

Post-production was completed by editor Keith Mottram at Air Post in Shoreditch using Da Vinci’s new set of 3D tools.

Colourist James Willett graded the project on the Da Vinci Resolve. HD-3D Music managing director Peter Van Hooke, who created Channel 4’s Live From Abbey Road series, said the 3D programme cost 20% more than an equivalent 2D production.

Panasonic and Top Teks supplied cameras, including nine Panasonic 3100s and three single-body 3DA1 3D cameras, plus 12 Panasonic AG-HPG20 portable recorders.