AJA Video Systems has become a member of the Aspen Community, the coalition of manufacturers and end-users that are adopting the Aspen open transport format for building IP-based production facilities.

Aspen (Adaptive Sample Picture ENcapsulation) is a framework for encapsulating uncompressed Ultra HD/3G/HD/SD over MPEG-2 transport streams and transporting video, audio and data over IP networks.

“As the broadcast industry moves towards an IP based infrastructure, it’s becoming increasingly more important for technology developers to adopt open format standards that will make this transition easier for everyone in the industry,” said AJA president Nick Rashby.

Mo Goyal, co-chair of Aspen and director of product marketing at Evertz, added: “The transition from SDI to IP is a major initiative in the industry, and the Aspen Community is providing the leadership for an open framework for building IP facilities.

“AJA has extensive experience in the video and media broadcasting industry which will be invaluable to help media and broadcasting professionals make the transition to IP using Aspen.”

For-A and Leader Electronics also recently pledged their support for Aspen.