Arri has revealed plans to offer in-camera support for Avid’s DNxHD codec for its Alexa range of cameras.

Arri said the ability to record DNxHD as MXF files in-camera is a unique proposition for the 35mm digital capture industry.

“This further confirms our commitment to add significant ongoing value to the Alexa camera family, in this case by allowing customers to choose which workflow suits their own capture and post production requirements,” said Arri’s head of digital camera strategy Neil Fanthom.  

The DNxHD recording function is in beta phase testing at the moment.

It will be distributed as a downloadable software upgrade in January, when data rates of up to 145Mbps (bit depth eight bit) and 220Mbps (bit depth 10 bit) will be supported.

For Alexa customers who adopt the recording function, Avid DNxHD 444 will be provided as an upgrade during the first quarter of 2012.