NAB 2014: AmberFin has unveiled its Adaptive Cadence Corrector (ACC), a software-based system for correcting mixed cadence material.

AmberFin’s chief technology officer Bruce Devlin said the editing of material shot at variety of frame rates was a growing problem for post houses and broadcasters.

“This is a real world problem: keeping mixed cadence media clean throughout a file-based workflow can be a nightmare and can seriously impact on its final quality when viewed on a wide range of progressive devices such as HDTVs, tablets and smartphones,” he said.

Devlin said Amberfin’s cadence correction option for its iCR platform would allow users to get back to the 24p original for internet, international and digital workflows without any artifacts from poor cadence correction.

“ACC is super fast and works on a standard CPU, so it’s easy to deploy and operate.

“It can float within an iCR Transcode Farm and the visual quality of its output is vastly superior to uncorrected media,” added Devlin.