The Associated Press has launched AP Middle East Extra, a service offering video packages of news, human-interest, cultural, economic and technology stories from the region.

It is targeted at media organisations in the Middle East, as well as those outside that have a strong interest in the area.

AP said that along with its existing global video news service the new offering would add depth to its “extensive” coverage of the region.

“For people in the Middle East it is not just about bombs, bullets and unrest,” said Ian Phillips, Middle East director of news for AP.

“There are more positive stories that can, and should, be told. By creating unique content within a new service, customers can combine this with our existing offering to tell in-depth and relevant stories that their audience really wants to see, on top of the stories that do still need to be told.” 

Content for AP Middle East Extra will be provided by a team of video journalists based across the region and five stories, with both Arabic and English scripts, will be delivered daily between Sunday and Thursday, as well as four special features every Friday.

“As an organisation that is continuing to invest heavily in news, we can see that the Middle East is significant not only for us but also for our customers, both inside and outside of the region,” said Alwyn Lindsey, AP’s director of sales for the Middle East and North Africa.

“The market offers enormous potential and this product is about helping our customers engage with their audiences by providing the mix of content that they want to see.”

AP Middle East Extra is available for delivery through AP Media Port and AP Video Hub.