Apple’s latest version of Final Cut Pro has come under fire from sections of the post world because of the lack of compatibility with its predecessor, FCP 7.

Critics said post houses that want to add additional FCP seats will be unable to transfer projects from FCP 7 to FCP X, and claimed the problem could even lead to some deciding to switch to rival editing software.

“Copies of FCP 7 still work, but someone who wants to add 10 new seats would only be able to work with FCP X,” said Jigsaw post-production manager Jamie Allan.

“A lot of Apple champions are now being vocal about moves to competing products. It’s a good product and it might only take 12 months for Apple to fix, but people need to buy new software on their timescale.”

The software’s lack of interoperability with the previous version is also at the core of an online petition set up by US editor Andrew Landini, which had 3,260 signatories as Broadcast went to press.

Aframe chief technology officer and former technical manager at Unit Tim Burton said the biggest failure in the launch was how Apple handled the end of FCP 7.

“Apple should give people time to transition off it, and time for FCP X to settle and grow legs,” he said.

Burton said he expects Apple to release the X API for the software, which should allow developers to create tools to cover the shortfalls and then sell them through the App Store.