Apple has attempted to address concerns about the latest version of Final Cut Pro, promising to release a set of APIs for the software “in the next few weeks”.

Users of Final Cut Pro X, which was launched last week, have complained that the updated software is not compatible with the previous version, Final Cut Pro 7.

In response, Apple today said that because Final Cut Pro X includes “an all-new project architecture” and “new and redesigned audio effects, video effects, and color grading tools” it is not possible to import old projects without changing or losing data.

Apple said that editors working with Final Cut Pro 7 can continue to do so after installing Final Cut Pro X and that Final Cut Pro 7 will work with Mac OS X Lion.

Users of the software also say the lack of XML support means that projects can’t be exported to other systems.

“We know how important XML export is to our developers and our users, and we expect to add this functionality to Final Cut Pro X,” Apple said.

“We will release a set of APIs in the next few weeks so that third-party developers can access the next-generation XML in Final Cut Pro X…when the APIs for XML export are available, third-party developers will be able to create tools to support OMF, AAF, EDL, and other exchange formats.”

Support for multicam editing is on the way and will be included in the next major release of Final Cut Pro X, although Apple did not state when that will happen.

Apple conceded that Final Cut Pro X is “limited” when it comes to editing tape-based projects, but given that Final Cut Pro X has been designed for “modern file-based workflows” it seems unlikely that will change.

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