Arqiva was backing Sunset+Vine's coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations for the BBC with the provision of connectivity, studio and broadcast facilities.

Arqiva provided live studio facilities for the BBC3 highlights show and downlinking and streaming of all 32 matches for BBCi. It also transmitted the final live for BBC2.

Arqiva used its Chalfont Grove facility where it is able to provide a number of elements required for broadcast.

These include studio space and post facilities as well as satellite and fibre links.

The fibre links allow Arqiva to downlink from satellite and pass on live matches through a purpose built transmission facility to BT tower for broadcast on BBCi as well as stream match highlight programmes for broadcast on BBC3.

The first match took place on the 20 January with the final to take place on Sunday (10 February).

This is the first time Sunset+Vine has used Arqiva's facilities.

Sunset+Vine executive producer Gary Franses said: “Arqiva's ability to provide connectivity, studio and broadcast facilities on a single site was a key factor in our decision to use Chalfont Grove.”

The final was downlinked and fed to the BT tower for broadcast on BBC2.