NAB 2015: The new AUWZ 19-36/T4.2 covers extreme wide-angle focal lengths between 19 mm and 36 mm, without any sacrifice in image quality.

Arri  AUWZ 19-36/T4.2

The new Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom (AUWZ) lens features a telecentric optical design and highly uniform field illumination, from the centre to the very corners of the image.

Arri said possibilities for wide-angle compositions when shooting anamorphic have been strictly limited in the past, due to a lack of high-quality lenses. Compromises such as heavy distortion, pronounced breathing and poor resolution and contrast have always been major problems with existing lenses on the market.

With the anamorphic elements positioned at the rear of this lens, Arri claimed focus breathing is virtually non-existent, distortion is kept to an absolute minimum and straight lines stay straight, even at close focus.

The patented lens technologies built into the AUWZ render an inverted image at the sensor plane – a side-effect of the design that is overcome with the simple press of a button on most high-end digital cinema cameras.

With a minimum object distance just beyond the front lens element, the company said the AUWZ allows dramatic and highly emotive close-ups.

Flares, which Arri claimed are very well controlled by the multilayer, anti-reflective lens coating, generate a creaminess around highlights that gives night shots an ethereal and magic quality.

Built-in ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) functionality provides precise lens metadata for zoom, focus and aperture settings, simplifying complex shot-making on set and smoothing visual effects workflows in post.

The AUWZ significantly extends the reach of ARRI’s anamorphic lens system, which currently comprises seven Master Anamorphic focal lengths ranging from 35 mm to 135 mm and their corresponding Master Anamorphic Flare Sets.