Arri has unveiled the Alexa SXT, a camera which builds on the firm’s Alexa device and offers ProRes 4K recording.

The first Alexa SXT cameras are planned for release around mid-2015; the full range will comprise Alexa SXT EV, SXT Plus and SXT Studio models.

They will replace the current Alexa XT cameras, although the Alexa Classic EV model will remain in the line-up.

With in-camera recording of ProRes 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) and ProRes 4K Cine (4096 x 2637 pixels), Arri described the Alexa SXT as “the ideal choice for productions that need 4K UHD TV or 4K DCI cinema deliverables”.

Alexa SXT cameras use the 3.4K ALEV III sensor of previous Alexa devices combined with the electronics of Arri’s Alexa 65 camera.

The SXT retains the Open Gate, 4:3 and 16:9 sensor modes of the Alexa ST, which can shoot ARRIRAW or ProRes.

A new type of look file, the ALF-2 (ARRI Look File 2), contains an ASC CDL (Color Decision List) as well as a 3D LUT (Look-Up Table).

Alexa SXT cameras include three independent HD-SDI outputs which Arri said would further streamline on-set workflows.

It gave the example of a Log C image to be used to show the director an image with live grading, a clean Rec 709 image to be fed to a video village, and a Rec 709 image with status information overlays to be displayed on the camera’s on-board monitor.