Ascent Media has become the first company in the world to purchase the new 16mm/35mm version of the Cintel diTTo film scanner.

The data centric scanning system will be installed in Ascent Media's Wardour Street facility and will be used for restoration and digital intermediate work.

“The diTTo [provides] a higher quality result for projects requiring more advanced grading, restoration or VFX treatment,” explained Adrian Bull, chief technology officer for Ascent Media. “The established ‘log transfer' workflow as applied to DI projects is well proven and allows a technical transfer to be achieved without compromise, prior to a tape or file-based final grade.”

The dual-gate Super 2K and 4K scanner was launched at NAB 2007 and has a list price of£175,000.

The diTTo utilises a three colour light source and Area Array CCD which, in conjunction with perfect pin-registration film handling, produces high resolution, repeatable results.

Bull said that he expected the diTTo to eventually establish itself as the “preferred choice” for high end high definition television work and feature film re-mastering.

The option of using the 16mm gate instead of the 35mm gate will also make the diTTo ideal for use on new independent productions and allow a file-based workflow for HD as well as 2K projects.

Ascent Media's diTTo has the additional D/SCO option enabling powerful optical dust and scratch removal within the scanner, and eliminating the need for separate dust-busting workflow stages.

As D/SCO is optical and not infra-red it works on all stocks including black and white and does not require annual licensing.