The co-founders of Aspera, Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, have left IBM.

The inventors of the FASP high-speed–transport technology have overseen the company’s direction since it launched in 2004.

Munson and Simu stayed on as chief executive and vice president of engineering, respectively, when IBM completed its acquisition of Aspera in January 2014.

“We can confirm that Michelle Munson and Serban Simu have left IBM,” a spokesperson for IBM told Broadcast.

“We thank them for their service and entrepreneurial spirit. IBM continues to provide clients with IBM Aspera’s leading technology to speed the transfer of data over the cloud and around the world.”

Seth Noble, the chief executive of Data Expedition, a competitor to Aspera, said: “While Aspera has been taken for granted as the market leader, the departure of their founders and chief engineers will create a technology vacuum at IBM.”

“The data transfer acceleration market is still in its early stages and Aspera is just one of several players with original technology, ” he added.