Aspera is making a high-speed file transfer software available that allows broadcasters to move terabytes of data on a daily basis to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Aspera On-Demand for AWS uses the company’s fasp technology to securely transfer files at their full bandwidth capacity.

Bandwidth control allows users to automatically protect other IP traffic on their WAN link and apply relative prioritisation to individual file transfers.

“We continue to see a great number of customers working with extremely large datasets in the Amazon Web Services infrastructure,” said Steve Rabuchin, general manager of Developer Relations and Business Development for Amazon Web Services.

“Many of these customers are already using Aspera’s data transfer technology within their own data centers and we are pleased that they are now able to leverage that same technology to move data into and out of Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.” 

Aspera On-Demand for AWS is said to be particularly useful for data-intensive applications such as video transcoding, media asset management, 3D animation and visual effects rendering.

It will also benefit any workflow involving data transfers to and from the cloud, and between remote infrastructures.

Users will be able to transfer tens to hundreds of gigabytes per hour to Amazon Web Services, from any global location.

Aspera On-Demand for AWS is being made available as an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI). Associated costs include a monthly subscription and a charge per gigabyte transferred.

Amazon Web Services provides a group of services that together form a remote computing platform “in the cloud”.