Digital asset management company ChilliBean has selected high-speed file transfer technology from Aspera to improve the uploading and transportation of its content around the world.

Aspera’s Connect Server, which will be used for web-based file transfers over long distances, was selected following a competitive pitch and a three-month trial run of competing data acceleration technologies.

ChillBean provides digital storage, delivery and online collaboration tools for production and post-production, particularly for ad agencies and award shows.

Chief technology officer Ben Smith said: “Where it could previously take up to four days to upload, transfer and then download a file over FTP or HTTP, it now takes only three hours. [It] enables anybody anywhere, with the appropriate Chillibean authorisation, to pick up files and transmit them.”

ChilliBean plans to use the Aspera technology for the annual D&AD Awards.

Aspera technology is also used by Red Bee Media within the Media Gateway component of its Digital Hive content management platform for transferring large files over an ordinary Internet connection.