Nearly two thirds of broadcasters feel that speeding up production is a key technology priority, yet half of them still ship media around the world which is both time-consuming and costly, a survey from file transfer management company Aspera has revealed.

The survey, which polled over a 100 broadcasters attending the NAB show in April, was designed to enable Aspera to learn more about specific technology priorities and initiatives relevant to media companies.

According to company president, CEO and co-founder Michelle Munson: “That nearly 50% of respondents are still shipping physical media points to a need for education in this space. Companies will simply get left behind if they continue to rely on slow and unpredictable technology, especially in today’s competitive climate.”

The survey also pointed to two thirds of broadcasters and post houses valuing the speed of production over and above implementing ‘green’ processes.

However responses also indicated that there is a strong likelihood for media companies to use the internet as a collaborative workflow platform within one to three years for projects locally within their region.

“The industry is shouting out for a faster, more reliable and efficient transport solution,” said Munson. “It’s no secret that shorter transfer times reduce the risk of data loss and piracy, as well as creating a more efficient industry.”