Assimilate is making its Scratch and Scratch Lab software available to rent.

The DI tools can be hired for a day or up to three months.

The California-headquartered firm said the rental options would provide “financial flexibility to artists in a constantly evolving production and post-production landscape”.

Assimilate vice president of marketing Steve Bannerman described the software as the first production dailies to offer true pay-as-you-use rental options.

He said: “It can’t just be about product speeds and feeds anymore.

“It has to be about fitting the new way on-set professionals work- making them more productive and helping them make money.”

Scratch workflow, for dailies, conform, colour-grading and compositing costs from $150 (£92) per day, up to $6,000 (£3,700) for three months.

Dailies and VFX review pipeline Scratch Lab is priced at $50 (£30) per day, up to $1,800 £1,110) for three months.